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Dynamic Double Deal Party

$364.00 up to 8 participants $45.50 per additional participant
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Everyone wants to celebrate their birthday at the Carlisle Sports Emporium! That’s why we specialize in birthday parties for any age and have hosted thousands over the years.
This 3 1/2 hour party allows you to double your activities and double your fun at the Carlisle Sports Emporium! You can expect your big day to be unforgettable at “The Place to Play.” Don’t miss out on the fun that everyone will be talking about!
*Must be 7 years or older to play Laser Tag
*Must be 45" to drive Rookie Karts
*Must be 58" to drive Grand Prix Karts
*Must be 18 years or older to drive a passenger
*Must be 36"-57" to ride as a passenger
*Must be 16 years or older with photo ID to drive FasTrack Karts
*No refunds for Online sales and party deposits